Friday, October 29, 2010

First two weeks!


We have many incredible ideas and some sound crazier than others. Like my team mate Carlos's idea "THE PLOWINATOR 3000" which is much like its tittle. Others idea like "DA FUNNEL" and " SCORPION" were also great but where shot down because of technical difficulties.


In our first week of robotics, the team members like me became familiar with the mechanics like: electrical wiring, and programing. We also got to pick what we wanted to do in the our extremely cool club we were broken down to three main groups, builders, programmers, and the communication.We all learned the safety procedures and what to expect from each group.

We thought of many other ideas like the ones mentioned earlier. eventually we all decided on some main ideas. The ideas where left to decide for week 2.


This week we tried to design an autonomous moder for our robot. We placed a light sensor and tried but the first time it was a failure. Our incredible team coach for the programmers came up with a few new ways to fix our previous issues. While we were doing that the building and communication teams began to work on some of the ideas from week 1. We are now just waiting for some parts that our other great coach has order for us. Stay posted for more of our blogs on this years game and our cool robot.

Also Team 251 would like to give a special thank you to Dan Ubinski for donating a wireless-g router and Steve Pendergrast of Pope John for some technical support on the samantha module.

- Doug Chen

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